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16 April 2008

Swarodaya - The Science of Breathing Right.

Below is an introduction to Swaraodaya - one of the posts on breathing right. It is definitely an interesting read even if you don't practise it. I stopped writing on this once since I was unable to go out and actively get readers for the topic.

"Shiva Swarodaya" is also know as "Swarodaya" or "Swara Yoga". The word Swara is of sankrit origin and means sound or a note, like a musical note. It is an ancient Indian science that deals with the power of breath. Rather a very detailed science which helps realization of cosmic consciousness by using, controlling and manipulating one's breath. We shall stick to the simpler term, Swara Yoga.

Swara yoga is considered a tantric science derived from the Agama Shastras and from Shaiva Tantra. The original manuscript of Shiva Swarodaya contains 395 sutras , many of which deal with Health, Wealth & Happiness and are a dialogue between Lord Siva and Goddess Shakti. Shakti seeks knowledge about nature and the governing forces of the universe, in response to which Lord Siva discloses this precious knowledge of Swara yoga. This knowledge was a closely guarded secret and was available to a select few over the centuries and was transmitted from generation to generation, orally.

Most people may mistake it for pranayama. Pranayama seeks to attain supreme control over one's breath. Swara yoga is different in the sense that it not only deals with breath, but harnesses it with other elements like the solar or lunar cycle, the physical or emotional condition of person involved etc; It is much more comprehensive in both theory and practice.

Plainly speaking, Swara yoga has the potential of being put to use right from the moment you wake up, all through your daily activites and chores, till you retire at the end of the day. Here, we are going to explore exactly that...without worrying too much about the spiritual applications. For now, I will assume that we all want to make our MATERIAL lives a little better so we will skip the complicated part and get to the goddies.

Where and how is Swara Yoga applied in daily life? can be applied everywhere, for instance:

Gaining health, wealth and prosperity.
Winning friends / favours / contracts.
Being at the right place at the right time.
Reducing negative effects or vibrations.
Chosing the right time to undertake a journey / venture.

These are just a few examples. Once you get the fundamentals right, you can apply it to virtually anything. And honestly, it is as simple as finding out which nostril you are breathing with.

1 comment:

atul k said...


this stuff get me curious. Could you please spare some more time and elborate on it a bit so that i can try out some things?

When I started learning vocal classical i could feel the wonderful feeling when i could really feel when 'Sa' was correct Sa. (Sa laagla in classical marathi lingo) So i know what you are saying has some immense truth within.